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Indoor Flower Box

Every well-dressed dinner table needs some accessorizing, whether it be adding special dishes, patterned napkins, lit candles or a beautiful flower arrangement. Enter the easy to make, kid-friendly table centerpiece, perfect for springtime (or really anytime) and another wonderful way to get your family involved in the holiday festivities.

This homemade flower box has several steps, but every one of them is super easy and takes only a short time to do. Plus, your kid will have a great time making this flower craft for the holiday table. Begin with a Styrofoam disk and some glue. Cover the front of that disk…

and add on buttons in any style or design you wish. My kid was all about making a pattern. Pretty cute. Once your buttons dry, repeat the glue and button process on the flip side, so both sides of your flower’s center are decorated. It’s nice for every seat at the dinner table to have a good view of the centerpiece.

Next, it’s time to add the pipe cleaner petals and a green tape-covered pencil stem.

This project is pretty flexible as my kid thought popping it into a flower pot made for one very springy centerpiece.

We also covered an old shoe box with “grass” paper, plopped the flowers into some flower arranging foam, put it in the middle of the box and filled the top of the box with easter grass.  So many centerpiece options! Now for the instructions…

Indoor Flower Box

Prep Time: 5 minutes   Hands on Time: 45 minutes (you can break this project up over a couple days)

Styrofoam round disks (found at craft store)
Glue or Modge Podge
Green Artist Tape (found at art supply or craft store)
Pipe Cleaners
Flower Arranging Foam or a Rectangular Styrofoam Block (found at craft store)
Green paper or card stock
Easter grass

Begin by adding a liberal amount of glue to one round side of the Styrofoam disk and cover it in buttons. Put aside to dry. Once the buttons are completely set, flip the disk over and repeat the same process, so both sides of your flower’s center are decorated. Allow to dry again. Next, you are ready to add petals. Select your pipe cleaners and cut each pipe cleaner in half. Take the first cut pipe cleaner, and fit it into the side of the Styrofoam disk. Curve the other part of the pipe cleaner into a petal or rounded shape and stick the other end into the foam disk. Continue to make pipe cleaner petals all the way around the foam disk. Add as many pipe cleaner petal layers as you wish. Now this flower needs a stem. Grab the green artist tape and wrap it all around a pencil. Stick one end of the pencil into your flower and once that is set in place, stick the other end into the flower foam or Styrofoam block. Cut enough green paper to fit around your shoebox, and cut a grassy type edging to the top of the paper. Glue the paper all around the shoebox, so you can no longer see the ugly old shoebox itself. Once the glue dries. stick your flowers and foam in the center of the box and cover with easter grass. Enjoy the perfect homemade kid-friendly centerpiece guaranteed to make everyone’s holiday meal even better.

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