Case of the Mysterious Apple


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Case of the Mysterious Apple

Case of the Mysterious Apple

Can you help us solve this mystery?  I cut into this granny smith apple and handed it to my kid without looking twice. He took a little nibble and then I realized that the apple was very strange looking. The apple smelled normal, felt normal and looked totally normal on the outside. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Have you?


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  1. 1.) Jennifer
    September 15th, 2010

    I agree with Heather, most of our foods are from genetically modified seeds…. which I'm sure can cause problems sometimes. That is one weird looking apple!

  2. 2.) craigandstacy
    September 15th, 2010

    It looks like it's watercored – it's where the fruit starts to break down to feed the seeds, a completely natural and normal occurrence.

    An apple orchardist's daughter :)

  3. 3.) heidiemyers
    September 15th, 2010

    my husband thinks if got frozen and then thawed, messing up the cell structure. Try it with another apple, and see if that is the result

  4. 4.) Brande
    September 16th, 2010

    "Watercored" looks about right to me!

  5. 5.) jaime
    September 16th, 2010


  6. 6.) Janet
    September 16th, 2010

    Yep, we have a red delicious tree that produces apples with watercore every season. That's what yours looks like. It won't hurt you and it should taste fine, but it will affect the shelf life of the apples.

  7. 7.) Heather
    September 16th, 2010

    I've never seen a green apple do that, but I've seen red apples do that. The green looks cool! <3

  8. 8.) Ginger L. Ausband
    September 16th, 2010

    I was thinking it was frozen as well, from looking at the translucent areas. I just can't get over the ultra green color. I really can't think of anything natural that would do that.

  9. 9.) raachie
    September 16th, 2010

    What I think is that I'm jealous that you got that totally rad looking apple. Haha.

  10. 10.) Carine
    September 17th, 2010

    I've seen this before. Maybe it was frozen and then back to room temperature. It suppose to be crunchy and now it's like biting into an very very ripe apple.

  11. 11.) Mariko
    September 17th, 2010

    Wacky! It makes a pretty color anyway.

  12. 12.) Mary
    September 17th, 2010

    looks like it was frozen and thawed!

  13. 13.) Rebecca Oh
    September 18th, 2010

    Agreed about the watercored… funky looking!!

  14. 14.) zorvinha
    September 21st, 2010

    I like how the first reaction is for people to freak out about it being genetically modified, when it turns out it's really just a completely natural and harmless process. =P

  15. 15.) Jenna
    October 10th, 2010

    I agree with zorvinha – I like how alarmist the responses were at first! XD

    Now, I'm personally obsessive about not eating genetically modified foods, but I also know what's legally available as a GMO in the foodstream and what is not – apples have no currently available GMO approved or on the market.

    Yes, we have to watch that the pollens from the GMO's don't cross over to normal species. Yes, I don't think they should be allowed in the foodstream without further study. Yes, I don't think we should feed this stuff to our kids. But we also need to be relaxed and logical – freaks happen in nature all the time, as does stuff that looks freaky but is actually normal.

    FYI – for all of you near a Trader Joe's – if the item in the store is a Trader Joe's brand item (or Trader Jose or Trader Ming, etc.), then it is company policy to source non-GMO ingredients for those items. Good to know, eh?

    Also, high fructose corn syrup is generally made from GMO corn, which has been shown in studies to drastically affect fertility in mice. This is a good reason to avoid HFCS whether or not the actual sweetener is the health issue – the GMO corn part *is* an issue.

  16. 16.) Gwen
    June 22nd, 2011

    Kind of looks like an apple combined with a kiwi. :D Imagine how that would taste!

  17. 17.) ozgur
    October 4th, 2011


  18. 18.) leti
    September 8th, 2012

    it’s water core,you can eat ,it’s nothing worry

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