Star Layer Cake

Jul 3rd, 2010 // Desserts, Recipes

Since the fall there’s been a sign on West 3rd Street that says Magnolia Bakery Coming Soon. I drive by that sign several times per week hoping against all hopes that the place will be open. But alas, it is still “under construction” so today we attempted to make one of those famous Magnolia cakes ourselves.

My kid thinks this is “the coolest cake EVER.” He absolutely loved our new cake stand that spins for frosting and really enjoyed lining up all the berries to form a star. He wants us to make something just like it for his next birthday. I must admit, I’m really proud to be taking it to a 4th of July BBQ tonight! Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…

How to Organize Leftovers

Jul 2nd, 2010 // Organization

This is not the most glamorous post I’ve ever written, but I hope it’s helpful. Cooking with My Kid every day involves a whole lot of left overs. Leftovers were making me crazy because my fridge was a mess so I came up with a system that has been working really well. With this new system, my fridge and freezer both look incredibly organized and now I can actually find things before they go bad. Here’s how the system works… Read more after the jump…

Goat Cheese & Fig Finger Sandwich

Jul 1st, 2010 // Lunch, Recipes

My kid is a big fan of cream cheese and jelly sandwiches so I had the bright idea of expanding his palette by making something that looks and tastes similar but is a bit more sophisticated.  I broke out the heart cookie cutter to add some intrigue. The experiment started out great. He tried goat cheese for the first time and really loved it.

We had a great time making the sandwich and even though we made it on my kids favorite kind of bread – cinnamon raisin swirl – the fig spread was not a hit. I happened to love it and at a few for my lunch! Next up, goat cheese and strawberry jam. Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…

Easy Homemade Mac & Cheese

Jun 30th, 2010 // Dinner, Recipes, Veggie Friendly

Whenever we host a BBQ at our house I try to make at least one dinner item that will be a sure-fire hit with the kids. This past weekend I asked my kid what he thought the others would like and he shouted “Mac & Cheese!” I was pleased with his choice because we had almost all the ingredients for this easy homemade mac & cheese in the house. The only substitution we had to make was to use penne instead of macaroni. No big deal!

My kid loves to make mac & cheese because of all the whisking and sprinkling. (Oh, and there’s also a lot of sneaking of cheese that goes on during the process.) I like to make this ahead of time and reheat it just before it’s time to eat. It comes out in perfect squares when it has had the time to cool down before being heated back up. The kids at the BBQ loved it, but the adults were the ones who polished it off! Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…

Mini Strawberry Pies

Jun 29th, 2010 // Desserts, Recipes

This past weekend we bought an entire flat of sweet strawberries and put an abundant supply out for company. As per usual, I prepared more food than necessary, so we have a whole fridge full of leftovers including the strawberries. Although I knew I had a pie crust in the freezer, I was searching for a strawberry dessert that we could make and share. (I didn’t want to add a whole pie to the leftover pile!) I had an ah ha moment when I opened the cabinet and saw the muffin tins… individual strawberry pies! My kid loved the idea and they are the perfect for sharing with his friends.

This recipe had so many kid friendly elements — cutting out circles, pressing in the dough, spooning the strawberries and sprinkling the topping!  I’m already dreaming up what we’ll be making next. Mini fruit pies, mini savory pies, mini quiches…you name it! Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…