A Little Slice of Heaven.

Jul 18th, 2010 // Recipes

Remember our Star Layer Cake ode to Magnolia Bakery? Well, as luck would have it, Magnolia opened here in LA this weekend. Here’s the slice of vanilla cake with chocolate frosting that put me in a sugar coma this afternoon. The line was out the door but I happily waited my turn, giddy with excitement. Worth every single calorie.

Chickenless Parmesan

Jul 18th, 2010 // Dinner, Easy Cheats, Recipes

If you follow the blog, you already know that my husband is a veggie; this dish was invented in honor of him. I’m not sure that I should even count it as a recipe, but my husband thinks it’s brilliant so I’m sharing it with the world. Believe it or not, this has become a household favorite even though it is made from chickenless patties.

My kid actually requests this meal and has introduced several of his friends to it. We always serve it with whole wheat pasta and some greens. It’s also great on a roll as a chickenless parmesan sub! Now for the “recipe”…

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Healthy Blueberry Waffles

Jul 16th, 2010 // Breakfast, Healthy, Recipes

We’re always looking for new and improved breakfast recipes. Since I had a little bit of buttermilk left in the house we decided to make a variation on Godmamma’s Healthy Waffles. The buttermilk adds some depth to the recipe which was nice for a change. Cooking waffles with kids is all about the batter since the waffle iron is way too hot. Adding things like blueberries or chocolate chips really makes my kid smile.

These were perfect with a dusting of powdered sugar. Didn’t even need syrup… although I admit I did do a little dipping. My kid did not! Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…

Pasta with Bacon & Peas

Jul 15th, 2010 // Dinner, Healthy, Recipes

This is one of my new favorite dishes because it is a) easy to make b) tasty and c) rather healthy (especially if made with whole wheat pasta). I came up with the idea after another little session with my new cookbook Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals. Jaime’s quick tomato sauce is the base of the recipe, the rest is all improvisation by my kid and me. Isn’t that what cooking is all about?

We chose to make this with bacon and peas because my kid loves turkey bacon and really enjoys popping peas into his mouth. He also thinks its super cool that we don’t have to cook the peas – instead we just drain the pasta over the frozen peas and they come out perfect every time. He really liked this meal and so did my husband who was provided with an alternate version which had veggie bacon pieces instead of turkey. Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…

Quick Quinoa & Corn Saute

Jul 15th, 2010 // Recipes, Sides

We had a lot of left over corn on the cob from the BBQ this past weekend so last night we turned it into this yummy side dish. I used a little creativity to get my kid to try it… I told him it was “red cous cous.” Then I told him red cous cous is called quinoa. Worked like a charm.

Quinoa is the perfect compliment to corn because it is light and fluffy and has a slightly nutty flavor. It’s also high in protein which makes it a much healthier side dish than cous cous or pasta. Now for the recipe… Read more after the jump…