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Homemade Flower Week: Origami Paper Flower Collages

We are forever in awe of the amazing workers at Martha Stewart. When we saw on their site this idea [1] for easy paper flowers, and then found a pile of origami paper in our cabinet, we knew we had to get started on Paper Flower Collages. My kid had the most fun selecting her colors and patterns to make a flower and couldn’t wait to get started on this simple but creative craft.

We started by folding the paper. We took the square origami paper and folded it in half to make a triangle. My kid not only loved the paper folding part, but also the blue bling on her finger that made her feel like true crafting royalty.

We took the triangle and folded both corners down to meet in the middle. Then we folded the paper in half one more time, side to side.

I drew a petal shape for my kid as a guide and she cut out the design. When she unfolded what she had cut, an amazing flower shape appeared.

We picked lots of colors and patterns and tried a number of different petal shapes. We layered each flower on top of the next to make one interesting paper flower collage. Using glue only in the center of each layer rather than all over the flower allowed the petals to stick up and be more dimensional. No center is really necessary, but my kid insisted on adding a little bit of love.

Just a marker for the stem and a few cut leaves and this flower was really taking shape.

My cutie pie thought her flower needed a little grass and a couple insects to make it her own. So sweet. This one definitely makes the fridge! Now for the instructions…

Origami Paper Flower Collages

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Hands on Time: 30 minutes

Origami paper (we used 4 different papers per flower and some scraps for the leaves)
One sheet of solid white paper (we used a medium to heavy cardstock)
Green marker
Foam sticker (optional)

Start with one piece of square origami paper and fold it in half, to make a triangle. Next, take the triangle and fold both corners down to meet in the middle. Lastly, fold the paper in half one more time, meeting side to side. Now you are ready to cut out a petal shape. Unfold the paper to see what is revealed. Repeat the folding and cutting process at least 3 more times to make a 4-layer flower. When you are ready to assemble the layered flower, add glue only in the middle of each flower. This allows your flower be much more interesting and dimensional. When you are ready, glue the flower down to the paper, add a stem and paste on some scrap leaf shapes. Instant refrigerator art.

We took the triangle and folded both corners down to meet in the middle and then folded the paper in half one more time, side to side.

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