Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl


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Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

Hi! I’m Corinne, friend of Rebecca and public art consultant. When Rebecca asked if I could help educate her and her kid on art and art appreciation, I jumped at the chance to turn my love of art into a kid-friendly craft. I started with Meret Oppenheim. Oppenheim was a Swiss artist who lived and worked in Paris in the city’s artistic heyday of the 1930s.  She joined the Surrealist movement and was an active participant in the groups’ exhibitions for many years.  Her most famous artwork, and one that was considered one of the ultimate Surrealist works of art, was Object, from 1936.

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

Meret Oppenheim, Object, 1936
Photo credit: Museum of Modern Art

Oppenheim’s inspiration for this piece occurred during a visit with Picasso and Dora Maar. After seeing Maar’s fur covered bracelet, she then went on to cover everyday objects, a cup and saucer, with fur.

I rediscovered this standard of Art History 101 in one of my old textbooks and, though the deeper Surrealist meaning might be beyond a child’s understanding, or maybe even mine, it seemed like a great jumping off point for a project.  It’s very tactile.  My kid thought Object was very cool when I showed it to him and was very excited to make an art project inspired by it.

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

I brought out both multi-colored pompoms and multi-colored feathers, which both have a kind of furry effect, and disposable paper bowls (I chose ones made from recycled materials which were sturdy and guilt free).  We armed ourselves with glue and just went for it.  My kid  loved gluing and was very specific about his colors and where they were placed.

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

We did a just feather bowl and a just pompom bowl but my kid’s favorite was the combo.

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl

All of our efforts were multicolored, but I think just one color would be interesting too.  There are a lot of feather options at art supply stores, including natural ones that would really mimic the Oppenheim’s piece.  You can often find pompoms in the craft section of drugstores but a wider selection at art supply stores.  And now for the instructions…

Feather/Pompom Bowl

Prep Time: 5 minutes, Hands on Time: 15 minutes, Drying Time: 1 hour

Paper bowl, plate or cup

Apply glue to one pompom/feather at a time and start applying to your base bowl, plate or cup until it is completely covered on the top side, including the lip if there is one.  Set aside to dry for at least an hour.

Oppenheim Inspired Furry Bowl


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  1. 1.) ourwonderland
    February 24th, 2011

    cute love the colors

    I just posted about my blank canvas wall in the playroom you might like: http://butterflywishesformygirls.blogspot.com/201

  2. 2.) angie
    February 25th, 2011

    Molly has been talking about pompoms ever since she saw your super cool posting and cannot wait to get started!

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