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No Sew Mighty Matzah Cover

My big kid loves all holidays … especially the Jewish ones!!! We decided to make a very fancy and Crafty Matzah Cover just in time for Passover.  I’m not sure what kind of Matzah will be hiding under our cover, but with a cover like this one, it really won’t matter what is under it.  We even asked our little kid to help out with this one.

We started by cutting out two squares in the same size in any fancy fabric of your choice.  We chose satin for both the front and back.  Make sure both squares are bigger than a piece of Matzah.

Since we used a slippery fabric like satin, we decided to pin down both pieces together so the satin wouldn’t slip while we were cutting.  This is a good step for the little ones to help them cut in a straight line.

We used fabric glue to glue together both sides.  Don’t worry if you can see the glue through the fabric, it usually does dry clear.  You can always sew the pieces together if you like but we have lots of glue around here and my kid loves to squeeze it out!!  We also used a place mat under our fabric so the glue wouldn’t seep through to the table.

Gather up any decorative trims you like to start decorating the cover.  We used those gigantic mighty gems that are easy for the little ones to handle.

Next we laid out the pattern of our gems and any other trims you have.  We just happened to have an embroidered stem of grapes to symbolize the wine. We then put a small dot of fabric glue and glued away.

We also used some puffy paint to fill in around the gems to give some more dimension and sparkle to our cover.  Of course I had to do the border and then I let my kid add his final touch to our masterpiece…

… a green clover of some sort, maybe it was left over from St. Patrick’s Day!!  Last but not least, we painted “Passover” in Hebrew on the front of the cover.  Remember, when it comes to Matzah covers, the more exciting the cover is, the easier it will be to eat all that Matzah!!  Now for the instructions…

Mighty Matzah Cover

Prep Time: 10 minutes   Hands on Time: 20 minutes

Satin Fabric
Fabric Glue

Big Gems
Embroidered Patches

Begin by cutting out two square pieces of any fancy fabric of your choice.  Make sure they are the same size.  Glue together the backs with fabric glue.  Once the glue has dried, gather up all your trims that you have and place them on the front cover in any special sequence you like.  Lift each trim and put a dot of glue on the back and glue down to your fabric.  With some puffy paint, draw any type of design or pattern around the trims any where on the cover.  Lastly, write the word “Matzah” in Hebrew or English on the cover.  Enjoy your cover during your special seder.

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