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Homemade Valentine Week: Ruby Red Hearts

This turned out to be my kid’s most favorite homemade valentine art project of the week, since she had access to what seemed like an unlimited amount of glitz. Really, it was so quick and easy and my kid loved the heart free for all.

We used foam paper to make our craft a little more dimensional and my kid liked that the paper was so squishy.

We came across heart confetti at the drug store, in the party section. A little glue smeared on the paper, and my heart making pro became one focused confetti sprinkler.

It’s funny how sometimes the easiest things can turn into the most creative and fun. I think I’ll agree with my daughter and declare this my favorite homemade valentine craft, too.

After all, a little glitz never hurt anyone!

Now for the instructions…

Ruby Red Hearts

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Hands on Time: 20 minutes

foam paper or any medium to heavyweight paper, 2 or 3 colors (we used white, red and purple)
glitter or confetti

Cut out a heart with white paper. Glue the heart onto a colored piece of paper and cut out a slightly larger heart. Apply a liberal amount of glue to the white top heart. Use a finger to smear the glue around the marjority of the heart, leaving a white border around, and then go glitter crazy. Shake excess glitter into a bowl, dribble more glue where needed and add even more sparkle. Cut and glue a piece of ribbon, and apply to the top backside of the heart (perfect for hanging on a doorknob or cabinet). Then to add one more layer of color, cut an even larger heart and glue to the back of your artwork. Dry completely before hanging.

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