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Great Gift Ideas: Painted Pottery Picture Frame

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have the perfect homemade kid-friendly art project idea that a grandmother (or anyone for that matter) would love to receive. And bonus for me, this meant my kid and I got to have some quality together time while she got her “great gift” together!

We started our Mommy-Daughter Day together with a giant plate of banana pancakes, a winning breakfast for my kid and just the right amount of fuel before reaching into her inner-artist.

We got to the paint-your-own pottery studio where my kid immediately selected a ceramic frame and a whole bunch of brushes and colors to add to her paper plate palette. The coolest part was my kid decided what she wanted to make her Grammy this year. She knows how much her grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren and thought a personal frame would be just the right present.

There was no discussion about what she wanted to do or design. My kid dove right in knowing she was on a rainbow mission, a true representation of her.

This was her pre-baked masterpiece which she and I both could not have been more proud of. Her Grammy is going to love it, especially with a picture of her two favorite grandchildren inside.

Now for the instructions…

Painted Pottery Frame

Prep Time: Just the drive time to your local paint-your-own-pottery studio

Hands on Time: 20 – 30 minutes

Directions and Store Hours for local paint-your-own-pottery studio
Money for cost of studio time and pottery items
(The studio will supply the rest — paint, brushes, water, kiln, master kilner)
*Pre-pottery pancake breakfast, optional

Take your kid to your nearest paint-your-own pottery studio. Chose a picture frame or from any of the store’s ceramic pieces that might be meaningful to either your kid or the gift recipient. Let your child pick from a huge selection of paint colors and brushes. Paint away and let the pottery place glaze and fire the piece for you. In a few days to a week or so, your pottery piece will be ready for pick-up and to give to your nearest and dearest.

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