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Fur Ball Watering Can

Both my kids are obsessed with watering the plants and flowers.  Since we had a million faux fur balls around the house, my kid and I thought … let’s decorate the watering cans with these fun furry things … and we did!!  We had all different sizes and colors and I have to admit, watering the plants and flowers are more fun with a watering can like this one.

So first we gathered all the balls we could find and then we laid them all on our breakfast table which I think has now become our crafting table.

Next we used our might hot glue gun and glued on all the balls that could fit.  Please make sure you help your kid with this one, the glue does get really hot and it’s a great idea to let your kid glue the bigger balls on and maybe you can help with the smaller ones.  Also, it’s best to start gluing the balls on the brim of the can and at the bottom edge first so you can more easily space out the rest of the balls on the body of the can.

Voila, your very own fun furry watering can.  We decided not to cover the handle and spout with the fur balls in case there was water spillage while watering.

Now for the instructions …

Fur Ball Watering Can

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Hands on Time: 30 minutes

Metal Watering Can
Faux Fur Balls
Glue Gun Sticks
Hot Glue Gun

Start by washing the can with water and drying with towel.  Collect all your faux fur balls in a big pile.  Begin placing the balls on the brim of the watering can and on the edges first.  Then fill in the body of the can with the rest of the balls in random order of color and size.  Allow the balls to dry completely and peel off any excess glue strings.  Last but not least, water all you flowers and plants with your Fun Fur Ball Watering Can.

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