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Festive Fancy Drink Cups

Holidays are always more fun when the kids get involved. A kid-assisted decorated table setting makes for one happy and very proud kid. With both Passover and Easter quickly approaching, we thought drink cups were a great added something that everyone could use at their next holiday meal. This quick and easy tissue paper craft could work for any time of the year, whether it be holidays, family dinners, or just a meal at home that needs a little added oomph.

We decided to go with plastic wine glasses because for some reason everything tastes better in a cup when it is raised up on a pedastal. But any sort of clear or colored plastic cup would work just fine. Be sure to leave anywhere from 3/4 to an inch from the top before applying a liberal amount of glue on the rest of the cup. You definitely DON’T want your kid sucking down glue before hunting for matzoh or Easter eggs!

Start sticking on the tissue paper squares and layer it up as much as you like. The more paper, the more colorful and fun it looks.

My kid and I thought the coolest thing about this project was the way the inside of the wine glass looked, almost like a stained glass window, which should be a lot of fun for guests as they eat and drink their way through the holiday meal.

My kid was really happy that everyone at our holiday table would have the same drink glass (that she made) and that the table just got a lot more colorful for kids. This is just another way to get your kids excited for the holidays and all the people you will be sharing it with. Bottoms up and happy holidays! Now for the instructions…

Festive Drink Cups

Prep Time: 10 minutes  Hands on Time: 15-20 minutes

Plastic Wine Glasses or Cups
Tissue Paper, cut into squares
Modge Podge (or craft glue)
Paint Brush
Extra Embellishments: buttons, jewels, etc. (optional)

Begin by working 3/4 to 1 inch down from the top of the cup. Apply lots of glue or modge podge with a paint brush and add all different colored tissue squares. Continue to add as many and as much tissue as you want, including adding more glue and layering more tissue on top of existing tissue paper. Adding a layer of modge podge over the top of your tissue covered cup is optional. My kid opted not too, but I did. Once the glue has dried, feel free to add some dots of glue and any added embellishments. Let the cups dry completely and use at your next holiday meal.

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