School Lunch: Meze Graze


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School Lunch: Meze Graze

My family is famous for grazing. As the story goes, one summer we were all at a lake house and my grandmother spent the afternoon roasting a big chicken for dinner.  The whole extended family was staying there and each person that walked by the cooling chicken took a little nibble. By the time dinner came around, there was only a carcass left and we had to order in pizza.

Don’t know if it’s nature or nurture but I sure do love to graze. Especially at lunch time. My co-workers so used to this that they’ve taken to saying “what are we sharing” as soon as we sit down.  This is probably why I never bring my lunch to work. But, I was recently inspired by Food Network’s brown bag challenge and decided to try to bring my lunch to work at least one day per week. So, the other morning while I was pondering what to bring, my kid was plucking a ripe tomato from our back yard bag.  Then it struck me – I had all the ingredients to pack a fun Mediterranean lunch right in my fridge. This is a grazers dream lunch!

The thing I love most about Mediterranean food is that it was made for grazing…there’s a little bit of everything to keep the taste buds happy. Our Meze Plate lunch box is filled with little bits of great things to dip and munch on. Protein rich nuts and humus, omega-3 filled olives, some whole wheat pita, naturally low fat feta cheese, veggies and a few dates for a sweet ending to the meal. The possibilities are endless… and the kids like it too!

Meze Graze Lunch Plate

Prep Time: 5 mins

Persian cucumber, sliced in rounds or sticks
whole wheat pita cut in triangles
feta cheese cut into chunks
raw almonds

Arrange your tray any way you like and dig in!

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2 Comments on “School Lunch: Meze Graze”

  1. 1.) Amelia @ princessandthefrosting
    September 14th, 2011

    I just stumbled across your blog! I really, really wish my lunch looked like that today! :)

  2. 2.) Grace
    August 26th, 2012

    What type of hummus do you use or do you make your own?

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