My Kid Made Dessert: ‘Chocolate Dreams’


by Dec 22nd, 2011 // Desserts, Kid-tastic

My Kid Made Dessert: ‘Chocolate Dreams’

My Kid Made Dessert: Chocolate Dreams

My little Los Angeles family unit has joined my big family unit for the holidays up at my parents’ house in the mountains of southern Oregon. On our first night after spending a long day hunting down the perfect Christmas tree and getting it home and centered and decorated just so, we had to make a quick spaghetti dinner to feed 12 hungry grinches (did I mention it was a long day?). After dinner my little girl wanted to know what we had for dessert and we froze. We had nothing. Not even an old pint of ice cream in the freezer. So my kid went to work. No one was even paying attention, but every few moments I glimpsed a flurry of activity in the kitchen and lo and behold, the kid came up with this recipe (which she’s calling ‘Chocolate Dreams’) all on her own. Get the full how to from Sylvie over at the Family Kitchen.


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