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Great Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day Plants

Mother’s Day is almost here, hard to believe right?  Well, what better way to show mom your love than to create some crafts for her… straight from Mother Earth.  My kids and I love to check out all our beautiful plants and flowers in the front and back yard.  We have some pretty amazing succulents and cactus and decided that for Mother’s Day this year, we would recycle these plants we love and gift them to all the moms we love.

We first gathered all the clear square and rectangular vases we had.  Since we had so many, we wanted to use them all.  You can also use rounded bubble bowl vases too.  The more space you have to reach in the vase, the better.

We then gathered all our plants and sprayed them with some water.  Succulents and Cactus do not need much water, they like to be pretty dry.


In our first vase, we used these amazing colored stones we have in our front yard.  They vary in size, shape and color.  We placed our plant in the vase and gently poured in the stones with our shovel.  If you wet the stones, they look even more interesting showing off their true colors…


The next vase, we filled with fun metallic beads and neon orange sugar glitter … I have to admit this one was the most fun!! We placed a small cactus inside the small rectangular vase.  My little kid decided to add her final touch … some colored plastic jewels … Dads: please note, these jewels are not to replace any other gems or jewels you are planning to purchase for mom!!  Please be extra careful while handling a cactus like this, as it is quite prickly!

Our last vase was low and square so we decided to place some succulents in this one.  We used glistening aqua crystal glass rocks which really look amazing with flat colored succulents.  Place the plants in and then pour in the rocks.  Easy, effortless and exquisite!! Your mom or any other lucky lady will love these earthy plants.  Even though my mom is a florist, I can bet you she would love to receive these three plants any day of the year!!  Now for the instructions…

Mother’s Day Plants

Prep Time: 15 minutes  Hands on Time: 25 minutes

Clear Glass Vases (Square, Rectangular or Round)
Colored Stones
Shiny Metallic Beads
Neon Sugar Glitter
Glass Rocks
Colored Plastic Jewels
Cactus Plants in Small Pots
Succulents in Small Pots
Plastic Spoon (for scooping beads)

Begin by gathering all the glass vases you have.  Wash them and dry them.  Gather all plants and lightly spray with some water. Place plant(s) inside each vase.  Carefully fill up each vase with filler of your choice: Stones, glitter, beads, gems, rocks or melange of all.  Surprise mom with all of these fun earthy plants, she will love you for them!!

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