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Underwater Adventure

My friend, Amy, is one of the most crafty people I know. She’s an incredibly talented designer and also pretty awesome at making ridiculously adorable kids.  When she told me about this project she did with her daughter, I insisted she take some pictures so we could put it on the site. Take it away, Amy… Hi! Amy here. My kids are always looking for something to do. A couple of summers ago we came up with this idea to create an underwater adventure play kit. They love animals and they love water so this was a big hit in our house.

What I love about this activity is that it feels like outside fun, but you can do it inside when the weather gets too hot and sticky to be out all day.

We tend to set it up at the kitchen table (indoors), where I’m not too worried about a little splashing around, and it’s water so it’s easy enough clean up.

It’s the kind of activity you can do over and over again using the same basic parts. It comes out a little bit different each time but it’s always sure to put a smile on my kid’s face!

Underwater Adventure

A clear storage container (glass or plastic)
A bag of vase filler pebbles
Few rocks from the backyard
Dish towel
A tube of tiny sea creatures
Magic Growing Sea Creatures
(found these at Dollar Tree, they are fun because when they sit in the water for a while they get larger)


Put a dishtowel down on the surface where you plan to play, then place your container on top. Fill it about halfway with luke-warm water. That’s all for your part. Now, let your child start by filling in the bottom with the colored pebbles and rocks to create an ocean floor. Add tiny sea creatures to float around and sit on rocks. When we play this outside, my kids tend to add other natural elements like leaves and small sticks.

Afterwards, clean up is a cinch – after dumping out the water, you can use the container as storage for all the pebbles and sea creatures together, so when it’s time to pull it out again, it’s all in one spot.

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