Swell Supper: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner!


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Swell Supper: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner!

I’ve shared stories about growing up and loving breakfast for dinner, but I’ve never shared ones about our crazy food fight nights. One of the real classics was ‘spaghetti slob night’. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. My mom let us and encouraged us (with the help of our awesome family friend Louie!) to make as big a mess of the spaghetti as we could! I know it sounds insane, but it’s one night of clean-up for an entire lifetime of memories and laughter and wanting to pass this down to my kids (hope hubs isn’t reading). Anyway, on other nights my mom and sisters and I would come up with some crazy combinations and since my mom is visiting this weekend we scoured through the archives and came up with a random assortment of delicious options. Here’s our picks: Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich, Honey Glazed Carrots & Parsnips, a mixed green salad, and Raspberry Surprise Chocolate Mousse.

Begin this meal with a food fight! Just kidding. Actually you want to start with the raspberry surprise chocolate mousse. It needs about 12 hours to set so either make this first thing in the morning or the night before. Several hours later make a salad by tearing some leafy greens, slicing tomato, mushroom, carrots and anything else you like in a side salad. Place the salad in the fridge and move on to the honey glazed carrots and parsnips. After heating the carrots and parsnips on the stovetop place them in the oven.

While the carrots and parsnips bake make the waffles. Slice the waffles horizontally to form two pieces of ‘bread’ and build your apple cheddar sammich. Place the stuffed waffle back on the waffle iron to melt the cheese. The sammies should be finished just as the honey glazed carrots and parsnips are ready. Get out the salad out of the fridge and serve your supper. When everyone has finished dinner, bring out the ramekins of raspberry surprise chocolate mousse and watch the excitement as you all devour this treat.  Now doesn’t that sound swell?


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