Swell Supper: Salad Trio


by Jul 10th, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Salad Trio

On some hot summer days my family and I may ditch the kitchen and head over to Thyme Café in Santa Monica.  This place transports us to the Hamptons with its clean white walls, chalkboard menu, large, wood communal tables and giant glass case filled with salads.  Not to mention the cupcakes and brownies and berry pies calling my name, begging to expand my muffin top!   The kids, the hubs and I pick out our salads and then we all share.  But today we decided to replicate our Thyme Café experience at home so we scoured our own salad recipes and came up with Edamame Caprese, Fennel Orange Salad, Spinach Brown Rice Balls and Meyer Lemon Tea Cakes for dessert.

Start with the spinach brown rice balls by serving something made with brown rice the day before. Or just make a fresh batch like I did. Prep the ingredients, form the balls and pop them in the oven.

Move on to the meyer lemon tea cakes. Mix the batter and scoop the batter into tea cake pan, mini muffin pan, or mini donut pan. These can be put in the oven with the rice balls and both should be done at about the same time. Now prep the edamame caprese, toss the ingredients and place in a serving bowl.

The last salad is the fennel orange salad. We couldn’t find Cara Cara so we just used regular. Slice the orange, fennel and olives and spread on a tray, then top with dressing. This is a perfect meal for eating outdoors, so get everyone served up and head outside to enjoy the summer evening. Now doesn’t that sound swell?

Edamame Caprese!

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