Rainbow Noodles


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Rainbow Noodles

My kid is obsessed with rainbows. The second we started talking about the month of April and rainy days, I knew it was time to make a seriously fun and easy rainbow craft that she would love. We have seen this project before and always wanted to give it a try. No time like the present…

We drew a rainbow onto some wax paper and covered it with glue. My kid was very into making sure the whole area was covered so the noodles had something to stick to.

Time to bust out the freshly dyed noodles we made the night before. That is actually a very dark pink noodle, the best I could do as we had no red! Lucky for me, my kid is as crazy for pink as she is for rainbows, so it was no problem.

And the first row of noodles goes on easy peasy.

I practically blinked and my kid whipped through this rainbow, humming away. She had the best time and loved all the colors we dyed.

But it wasn’t a rainbow without the clouds, though my crazy crafter thought the cotton balls made for a pretty funny Santa beard, too. Now for the instructions…

Rainbow Noodles

Prep Time: (including dying noodles) 20 minutes   Noodle Drying Time: 4 hours   Hands on Time: 25 minutes

Box of Wagon Wheel Noodles
Large container of Rubbing Alcohol (we used 1 and 1/2 16 oz. bottles)
Food Coloring (we had gels so we used those)
Storage Bags for coloring noodles
Wax Paper
Permanent Marker
Cotton Balls (for clouds)
Clear Tape

Start by dying the noodles. Fill each storage bag with about 1/4 cup alcohol and a couple squeezes of food coloring for each color filled bag. We used 3 handfuls of noodles per color, sealed the bags and squished the dry noodles into the liquid. Put the colored bags aside so the colors can set (4 hours). Once the noodles are saturated with color, drain the liquid and spread them out on paper towels to dry overnight or at least a couple hours. Wear gloves if you don’t want rainbow hands (I learned this too late). When the noodles are dry, begin making your rainbow. Take a large piece of wax paper and using the permanent marker, sketch the arches of a rainbow. You can glue noodles directly onto this piece of paper, or place a clean sheet of wax paper on top of the lined one so you see the lines without the lines actually being on your paper. Cover your entire rainbow area with glue and start placing the first arch of noodles (red). Once the first row is complete, move on to the second arch of color, and so on until you have created your rainbow of colors. Allow glue and noodles to dry. Once dry, cut around your rainbow. If you wish to make clouds, take 2 small pieces of wax paper, cover it with glue and add cotton balls into shape of a puffy cloud. Repeat this so you have 2 clouds. Once the cotton balls have dried on the glue, arrange the cotton cloud puffs where you like them at the end of each rainbow side and attach them with clear tape from the back of the rainbow. Somewhere over the Rainbow…!

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  1. 1.) Susie David
    April 8th, 2011

    Amazing oh my god!!!! Love this, can't wait to try this with my kid!!

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