No Sew Flower Power Pillow


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No Sew Flower Power Pillow

My friend, Susie, is one of the craftiest gals I know. She’s also beautiful inside and out. For her son’s birthday she made an entire costume using scissors and a glue gun. I knew then that she had to contribute to Crafting With My Kid. Take it away, Susie!  Hi, Susie here… Spring has sprung around our house!! My kid and I could not wait to get started with all of our crafting ideas for the season. Flowers, trees and plants are among the many beauties of nature we talk about while we drive home from school.

My kid loves to pick flowers and plans to save them forever!!  So we decided to make our own Flower Power Pillows that could last forever!!  When we brought home this awesome rug from IKEA for my little kid’s room, we knew the inspiration we would get from it would be endless!! The color combos and shapes are so simple yet so intriguing.

We started by tracing a felt flower we found at the craft store.  Next we cut out the shape.  If your felt is a good size, make sure you double it up so you can cut both sides at the same time.

If your kid can’t cut the shape out, feel free to cut it out for him …but always let him try.

We then glue gunned both sides together making sure not to glue down all the petals so we could stuff the felt with poly fiber filling.  After the hot glue was dry, we began to stuff.

Feel free to be “green” and use old t-shirts or rags instead of poly fiber filling. Make sure you stuff well, the more the better!!

We glued on a contrast color felt in the center.  Feel free to add as many colors as you need to.

… and now for those fun faux fur balls!!! We went a little overboard but that’s just the way we roll around here.

We have an obsession with the faux fur balls in my house. My  kid could not get enough.  He added googley eyes to his, I kept my safe and added more layers of felt on top and faux fur balls around it.  As you can see, crafting is always more fun in your PJ’s!!!  Now for the instructions…

Flower Power Pillow

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Hands on Time: 25 minutes

Multi-Colored Felt
Faux Fur Balls
Glue Gun Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Poly Fiber Filling
Googley Eyes (optional)

Start by tracing a flower on a piece of folded felt.  If your piece of felt is too small to double it up, trace one flower at a time.  Next cut out the flowers and lay flat on top of one another.  Try to match them up as best as you can.  Proceed by gluing both sides together making sure not to glue down all the petals so there is room to stuff the felt with poly fiber filling. After the hot glue is dry, begin to stuff the pillow.  Lastly, glue on as many layers of contrast felt to the pillow in shapes of circles or smaller flower cut outs and then glue on the faux fur balls and any other fun trims you like.

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