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Homemade Flower Week: Sunflowers

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My kids love to stop and smell the flowers, literally. They love to touch them, see all the different colors and explore any new flowers growing in our neighborhood. So when my crafting kid and I set out to make our own versions of flowers, the first thing to come to mind was the sunflower, a giant in the flower world and just so beautiful. We wanted to be sure we made something that had both texture and volume to represent the enormity of a sunflower, so we cut a whole bunch of petals from adhesive foam paper we found at the art store (way easier to stick the petals on rather than gluing and gluing and gluing). Next we grabbed a small paper plate and got started attaching rows of yellow petals.


For anyone who watches “Yo Gabba Gabba,” my kid got the biggest kick out of thinking this looked a little like Muno, a one-eyed red monster thing, but with eyelashes.


After adding a whole circle of petals along the outer edge of the paper plate, we got busy on the 2nd row. Overlapping the petals gave the flower a lot of texture and definition.


And then one more row of petals (three total) to fill that flower in all the way to the black center. My kid was thrilled with this project, but we weren’t even done. This flower needed just one more touch…



Now for the instructions…


Prep Time: 15  minutes*  Hands on Time: 25 minutes

Yellow self-adhesive Foam Paper (you will need almost two 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets)
One piece Black self-adhesive Foam Paper
One small paper plate (dessert or snack size)
Black sequins

*I included cutting the pile of foam paper flower petals as part of the prep time and called my kid after the petals were ready for sticking, but feel free to include your child in the cutting process.

Take a piece of black foam paper, cut out a circle and stick it to the center of the small paper plate. Next, begin sticking the cut flower petals all along the outer edge of the plate. We only tore about a 1/2-inch of the backing off of each petal for this layer, so the back of the plate wasn’t all sticky, just the part that attaches directly to the plate. After making a full circle of petals, begin adding your next layer, this time taking all the backing off, followed by another layer. We made 3 layers of petals. Overlapping your petals adds both interest and volume to your sunflower and also covers up whatever colored paper plate you used. Once your flower is done, add some glue to the black center and sprinkle on the sequins. Allow sequins to dry and enjoy your beautiful creation. Adding a stem is optional and planting in the backyard, not recommended.

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