Swell Supper: Snowstorm Chili and Cornbread


by Feb 5th, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Snowstorm Chili and Cornbread

We are having some crazy weather, OK, maybe not all of us are under a blanket of snow (I live in Los Angeles), but it’s making me cold just watching the video clips of blizzards and perusing through friends photos of their kids next to towering snow banks. For this weeks swell supper here’s a meal that will defrost your bones and warm your heart. We are making Rice Cooker Black Bean Chili with Sweet Skillet Cornbread.  For dessert I wanted to make something that would cure the winter blues and what better what to do that than to make Smore’s Bars!!!

Begin this meal by making the S’mores bars. These bars are going to be so hard to resist, but you have to wait until they are cool before slicing. And trust me it will be worth the wait! You’ve got some time before you need to prepare the rest of this meal so now is the perfect time to cozy up under a blanket and read your little one a story or two.

When the timer goes off for the S’mores bars take them out of the oven and get out your rice cooker. I love making chili in a rice cooker it’s so easy! Now prepare the black bean chili according to the recipe. Once the chili is cooking mix the ingredients for the sweet skillet cornbread and put it in the oven. Now you can add the blacks beans to the chili and sneak a bite of the s’mores bars. Be careful, they are very gooey. I couldn’t wait either. The cornbread and chili should be done at the same time and you can thaw out, then laugh and reminisce about campfires as a kid over the s’mores for dessert. Now doesn’t that sound swell?


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