Swell Supper: Daddy Duty


by May 21st, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Daddy Duty

Swell Supper: Daddy Duty

I went out of town this weekend and left daddy in charge. As I have mentioned before my husband is an amazing helper around the house and is quite the budding chef cooking up tasty meals for the family. I know he will be great this weekend, but by Sunday night he might be worn out. I decided to find a couple of simple recipes that he and the kids can put together and enjoy. For this weeks Swell Supper we are making Warm Tortellini & Pesto Chicken Salad with Apple Chips & Dip for dessert.

Swell Supper: Daddy Duty

Start this meal with the warm tortellini & pesto chicken salad. Prep the chicken and cook the tortellini. Meanwhile saute the chicken and pesto and prepare according to the recipe. (When the recipe calls for spinach, leave it off the baby’s he’s not quite ready for the leafy stuff.) Now serve it up and enjoy this meal together. After everyone is finished eating it’s time to make the apple chips and dip for dessert. Bring a cutting board to the table along with yogurt in ramekins, apple, a knife, and heart shaped cookie cutter. Slice the apple then help the kids cut out heart shapes. Tell them the heart is from mommy and I miss them so…and you too my sweet husband!  Now doesn’t that sound swell?


warm tortellini salad

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  1. 1.) Gwen @SimplyHealthyFamily
    May 23rd, 2011

    Very cute! I love the apples.

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