How To Prepare A Kid Safe Artichoke

by on Feb 2nd, 2012 // Dinner, Healthy, Sides

Artichokes are my daughter’s favorite veggie of all. Think about it from a kid’s perspective: it’s a giant, green flower that you can eat with your hands.  And you get to dip those lovely, curvy ‘petals’ into something tasty like …

Swell Supper: Asian Fusion

by on Jan 29th, 2012 // Swell Suppers

Cold Sesame Soba (aka Peanut Butter Noodles)

Tonight’s supper brings a little Asian flair to the table with Cold Sesame Soba (aka Peanut Butter Noodles) that I’m adding chicken to and serving along side Roasted Baby Bok Choy. We are going to fuse that with a …

Reduced Guilt Football Brownies For Super Bowl

by on Jan 26th, 2012 // Desserts

After all those nachos and chicken wings and dips you might as well reduce a teeny bit of guilt with these brownies. They’re still a crowd pleaser; we just reduced some fat and sugar. And they’re so easy to make …

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Swell Supper: My Favorite, Chicken Bow Ties and Waffles

by on Jan 22nd, 2012 // Swell Suppers

Balsamic & Tomato Roast Chicken

This photo is making me drool, so much that tonight we are making this dish of Balsamic Tomato and Chicken and serving it with Broccoli and Bow Ties, with one of my favorite Cooking With My Kid Desserts, Chocolate

Fresh Spring Rolls With Peanut Sauce

by on Jan 19th, 2012 // Appetizers, Dinner

Recently my friend and a bunch of us celebrated her birthday at Spork Foods, which offers cooking classes and then you get to enjoy the meal – yay! The first course was fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. (Years …

Slow Cooker Challenge: Asian Pulled Pork Sandwich (Banh Mi)

by on Jan 17th, 2012 // Dinner, Giveaway, Lunch, Uncategorized

Last summer while visiting family in southern Oregon all the ladies went to lunch at C St Bistro and I had the most amazing Asian pulled pork sandwich. I went back to Oregon over the holidays and it was closed; …

Swell Supper: Hearty, Meatless Meal

by on Jan 14th, 2012 // Swell Suppers

Broccoli & Cheese Stromboli

A meatless meal can be hearty and delicious and it doesn’t have to be tofu, pasta or three bean chili. In our house we try to find healthy, hearty alternatives to meat and one of the biggest hits with the …

Reduced Guilt Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies

by on Jan 12th, 2012 // Desserts

The other day I scoured the web for slim down desserts and came across a recipe for an 80 calorie caramel apple oatmeal cookie. So I checked out the ingredients, photo and serving size. It’s basically an oatmeal cookie recipe …

Swell Supper: Slim Down Dinner

by on Jan 8th, 2012 // Handmade Gifts, Swell Suppers, Uncategorized

Hearty Ten Vegetable Stew with Barley

In keeping with my need to reduce the gut without sacrificing my taste buds I’ve come up with a complete dinner that will leave me satisfied. For tonight’s swell supper we are making Hearty Ten Vegetable Soup With Barley, …

Grilled Cheese: Havarti Dill and Cucumber on Rye

by on Jan 5th, 2012 // Dinner, Lunch, Veggie Friendly

My kid was begging me for a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, but I had another idea. I felt it was time to introduce her to my favorite grilled cheese, havarti, dill and cucumber between two pieces of rye. It’s …