Why did you start cooking with your kid?

I didn’t want to have to choose between spending time with my kid and making dinner.

Is that a real tattoo on your kid’s arm?

Yes! Isn’t that rad? Not really. I am not that cool. The tats are generally artifacts of recent birthday parties.

Does your kid really eat everything you cook together?

Yes and no. He tries everything he’s had a hand in making, but he doesn’t like everything he tries. We don’t argue over food anymore because I know he gives new foods a chance. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of other things to argue about when he’s a teenager.

How do you decide what to cook?

I try to be as inventive as possible but I’m not talking about molecular gastronomy. (Although, my kid does like anything with the word gas in it. What can I say? He’s all boy.) We strive for simple, family friendly, healthier meals that we can cook together.

Do you create all your own recipes?

Heck no! We love to adapt from some of our favorite chefs. When the recipe is inspired by a cookbook or website, it is noted in the post.

Why aren’t all your recipes sourced?

When a recipe is cobbled together from many different sources I simply post the recipe we have crafted. Our recipes certainly aren’t test kitchen guaranteed, but if they’re on the site we enjoyed them. Some of our experiments do wind up in the garbage.

I noticed in one of your posts that there’s a spelling error, grammatical mistake or ingredient missing. What gives?

What can I say? Working full time, being a mommy of 2 small children and cooking every day for 365 maybe has maybe fried a brain cell or two. Feel free to call me out on it by sending me a note or commenting on the post. I aim to please.

What kind of camera are you shooting with?

Canon Rebel T2i.

Can I post one of your pictures on my site?

All of the photographs on the site were taken by me (except where noted) and are copyrighted. That means you cannot take them without my permission so please ask before you take.

Can I link to one of your recipes?

Yes! We’d be honored.