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Lunch Bunch: Yogurt Parfaits & Cream Cheese Sushi

Aug 22nd, 2010 // Kid-tastic, Lunch, Recipes, School Lunch, Tool Tips, Veggie Friendly

The other night I was out to dinner with ‘the girls’ from preschool. ‘The girls’ (aka other preschool moms) were talking about how they wind up packing the same lunch every day for their kiddos. This struck me as …

Birds, Binoculars & Breakfast Trail Mix

Jul 18th, 2010 // Breakfast, Recipes, Tool Tips

This morning I surprised my kid with an indoor bird watching expedition complete with make-your-own binoculars and breakfast trail mix. He’s been talking about it all day long.

The bird watching expedition starts with our special breakfast trail mix …

Mini Whisk

Jun 28th, 2010 // Tool Tips

If you follow the blog you’ve probably noticed that my son has a new favorite tool. I bought him his very own wire whisk. This particular whisk, Kuhn Rikon 6-Inch Balloon Wire Whisk, has a nice thick handle …

Donut Pan

Mar 28th, 2010 // Tool Tips, Uncategorized

We love whipping up a batch of baked donuts and eating them while still warm. I’ve discovered that in addition to the regular sized donut pans, they also make mini donut pans! Guess what I just ordered?

This Norpro

Kid-tastic Chef'n Palm Peeler

Feb 22nd, 2010 // Tool Tips

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m a big fan of letting my kid get some hands-on experience in the kitchen. I’ve discovered that letting him have some of his own real kitchen tools and utensils have made …

Le Creuset Small Spatula

Feb 20th, 2010 // Tool Tips

We have this Le Creuset Mini Spatula, Cherry Red. We like it because it’s perfectly sized for a kid’s little hand and is a great way to scrape food out of jars and cans. It also comes in …

Silicone Pastry Brush

Feb 9th, 2010 // Tool Tips

We have a brush just like this but in bright blue and my kid calls it his kitchen paint brush. We use it for all kinds of “painting” including: brushing on olive oil, making pizza, greasing pans. He’s crazy …