Swell Supper: President’s Favorites


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Swell Supper: President’s Favorites

Upside Down Apple Cake

It’s President’s Day and my kid spent the last week learning about our presidents and their significance to our history and future. So I decided to research their favorite foods and by doing so my kid was able to further connect with our presidents on more personal, human, relatable level. So… after surveying all our presidents turns out chicken enchiladas (Clinton), corn muffins (JFK, Coolidge) and broccoli soup (FDR) became a perfect comfort meal in this, the “homestretch”, i.e., cold, dark, winter days finally succumbing to warmer and sunnier ones. Interestingly enough, every president going back to Washington seems to favor apple pie so we decided to put a spin on it with our very own upside down apple cake.

The Easiest Enchiladas

Begin your presidential meal with the upside down apple cake. Cook according to the recipe, you can even make it the day before! Next make the pureed broccoli soup. While the broccoli is cooking prepare the healthier corn muffins.

Pureed Broccoli Soup

The corn muffins are so quick and easy that you will even have enough time to get the easiest enchilada’s prepped. As soon as the corn muffins are cooked, lower the oven temperature to 350 and place the enchilada’s in. Meanwhile use a stick blender to puree the broccoli into a soup.

Healthier Corn Muffins

Your president’s day meal is served. As an added bonus put a bowl of black jelly beans on the table during dessert as a nod to Reagan. Now doesn’t that sound swell?


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