Swell Supper: Hanukkah Feast

by Dec 18th, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Hanukkah Feast

Passover Reimagined: Rosemary Rib Roast

I may celebrate the other, more commercialized holiday this time of year, but that’s not going to stop me from cooking up a holiday feast. We’ve got tons of friends who celebrate Hanukkah so I’m putting together a menu that can be served for any holiday celebration, but it’s heart is with Hanukkah. Tonight we are cooking up Rosemary Rib Roast, Grampa Stephen’s Latkes, Crock Pot Applesauce, and Baked Jelly Donuts for dessert.

Grampa Stephens Latkes (Worlds Best Potato Pancakes)

One of the many great things about this meal is that most of the cooking is not hands-on, yay! Begin with the crock pot applesauce. If you want to cook the apples all day, start in the morning and cook for 6-8 hours. If you’ve got less time begin about 2 hours prior to eating. Once you’ve decided on the apples move on to the rosemary rib eye. Preheat the oven, sear the beef pop in the remaining ingredients and let it cook. So easy!

Crock Pot Applesauce

Now it’s time for grampa Stephen’s latkes. Follow the instructions carefully, grampa Stephen knows what he’s doing! Once you latkes are made it’s time to get dessert started.

Baked Jelly Donuts for Hanukkah

Make the donuts according to the recipes. Once the donuts are finished cooking and have the butter and cinnamon sugar topping, pipe some jelly into the center using a pastry bag fitted with 1/2 round tip. Mush up the apples and place on the latkes next to the rib eye. A perfect holiday feast is served no matter what you are celebrating! Now does’t that sound swell?


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