Swell Supper: Fajita Night!

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Swell Supper: Fajita Night!

This time of year gets so crazy with holiday activities and parties and school functions. It sure doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for the warm home cooked me we all want at the end of a cold, busy day. That’s where my friend the crock pot comes to the rescue. We are not making the typical stew, we are mixing things up with our slow cooker and making Fajitas, with some Homemade Tortillas (they are so easy, I swear!), Guacamole, and easy Happy Brownies for dessert.

Start early in the day, between shopping and parties and all the other things going on today and begin the crock pot fajitas. Now go about your day and return home to make the happy brownies. While the brownies are baking prepare the guacamole. Kids love mushing up the avocado.

Time to make the tortillas. Prepare them according to the recipe and let your kids pound and roll to their hearts content. Cook the peppers and get everything set and ready for fajita building.

After dinner move on to the brownies. We saved the face decorating for after dinner. We all sat around creating silly faces to see who come come up with the one that made us all laugh the most. My daughter won with hair that extended all the way down the plate with a matching beard. They were indeed happy brownies. Now doesn’t that sound swell?



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