Swell Supper: Healthy Halloween Start

by Oct 16th, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Healthy Halloween Start

Halloween, aka night of crazed, rabid children fueled by processed sugar running hog wild through the neighborhood is just around the corner. For my kids, we’re kicking off Halloween with a healthy, balanced, albeit, Halloween-themed dinner. For our Swell Supper we are cooking Snake Dogs (leave them as snakes or create mummy dogs), Skewer Grilled Asparagus (witches fingers), Vegetarian Corn Chowder (witch’s brew), and for dessert, candy, lots and lots of candy. Bring on the snickers!

Begin with the vegetarian corn chowder. This recipe calls for removing the kernels from the corn cob and cooking just the cob in water. Kids will love this as it’s unusual and makes ‘witch’s brew’ more realistic.  When the soup needs to simmer for 20 minutes start on the snake dogs. If you want to turn these into mummy dogs just stop wrapping the crescent about an inch before the top, then add a crescent cap. Cook according to the recipe.

While the dogs cook skewer the witch’s fingers asparagus, they can go on the grill or be popped in the oven along with the dogs. When the mummy dogs are ready remove from the oven and create eyes where the crescent is not wrapped around the dog by making two dots of mustard. Remove the asparagus from the oven, plate your meal and soup and serve this healthy Halloween start. Now doesn’t that sound swell?


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