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Meatless Monday: Bag of Tomatoes

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At first I couldn’t decide if this was trashy or cute. Wasn’t even sure I should share… but now I’m head over heels in love with my bag of tomatoes.


Here’s the back story: There’s nothing more wonderful than a warm tomato right off the vine drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. I like to pretend my grocery store “on the vine” tomatoes are “garden fresh” so I leave them on the counter until they’re super ripe and drizzle away, but somehow they never taste as amazing.


I’ve been wanting to plant tomatoes forever but every year I’m intimidated. Actually, that’s not exactly true. Mostly I’m just too lazy to get it done in time and then I just tell myself I’ll do it next year.


Last week my parents were in town and my mom pointed out that I didn’t even need a raised bed to grow my own tomatoes.  Turns out she was right.


You don’t need no raised beds, heck, you don’t even need a shovel. All you need is a bag of dirt, a tomato plant, a stake and your bare hands… and voila! a perfectly adorable tomato plant will be growing in your back yard.


Tell me it isn’t sort of adorable?  Cannot wait to eat these… here’s how to make your own bag of tomatoes:

Bag of Tomatoes Instructions

1 large bag of soil (2 cubic feet)
1 tomato plant
1 tall round stake
1 screw driver

1. Pick the closed bag up a few times and lift it about a foot off the ground. Drop it a few times until the dirt settles.
2. Take a screw driver and poke 15 to 20 holes in towards the bottom half of the bag.
3. Open the bag and roll down the sides.
4. Take your tomato plant out of the plastic container it came in and set it aside.
5. Stick your hands in the soil and dig out enough dirt to fill the plastic container.
6. Place the tomato plant in the hole you dug and then put the dirt back into the bag patting it down so it’s nice and snug.
7. Gently push the stake in over the tomatoes and pull up on the leaves so they are resting against the stake.
8. Water generously until water comes out the holes.
9. Water as directed and watch your plant grow!

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