Swell Supper: Summer BBQ Kick-off

by May 29th, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Summer BBQ Kick-off

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means time for the first grill-fest of the summer! In our house we grill it all, and I mean anything and everything; watermelon and prosciutto, radicchio and bok choy, romaine stalks with parmesan and bacon pieces, sausages from all over the world, lobsters and scallops, hoisin turkey burgers, bison burgers, veggie patties, hot dogs, chicken bones and tri tip asada are just a few of our favorites. But this Memorial Day we’re going way outside the box. For this week’s swell supper we’re grilling up some Flatbreads and serving them with Summer Lentil Salad and Happy Brownies for dessert.

Begin this meal by making the brownies and setting them aside to cool while you prepare dinner. The brownies need to be completely cooled before they are taken out of the pan and decorated with happy faces. Next gather all the ingredients for the summer lentil salad and combine in a bowl. (note: if you are starting with dry lentils, they will need to be started several hours prior according to the package) Place the mixed summer lentil salad into a serving bowl and set it on the table.

Now it’s time to fire up the grill and assemble the ingredients for the flatbread – this is a great recipe for your kid(s) to get creative in coming up with toppings. Place the desired toppings on the flatbread and grill according to the recipe. Dinner is served! After dinner bring the brownies to the table along with a cake decorating tube filled with frosting and fitted with a round tip. The whole family can decorate together and laugh at the silly faces. Now doesn’t that sound swell?

Grilled Flatbread!

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