Dinosaur Figurines

by Mar 31st, 2011 // Just for Fun

Dinosaur Figurines

Sometimes all the crafty ideas in the world cannot beat buying a kit and letting your kid have at it. Yesterday, we had one of those days. For a mere $6.50 we bought this Paint Your Own Dinosaur Figurines set. (We’re Amazon Prime freaks so shipping was freeeeee!)

It comes with two blank dinosaur figurines and a paint set. I set it all up on an awesome plastic art tray I invested in and let my little man go to town.

He had so much fun painting these little guys and could hardly wait for them to dry all the way before using them for imaginary play. This was one purchase that was worth every penny! I’m so glad we gave them a test run because they’re the perfect gift to keep in the house for bringing along as a “big brother” or “big sister” gift.

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