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Lucky Shamrock Printable Game

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I have a special place in my heart for board games. Admittedly, it’s because I’m much better at them than I am at pretending to be some random superhero assigned me as my kid is turning the sofa into the Bat Mobile. Luckily, my kid finally has the attention span for games!


You know what else grabs his attention? CANDY. I made up this little numbers-based St. Patrick’s day game and used candy as an incentive bribe to play along. We printed up the wheel, cut out the parts and assembled it this morning.


This afternoon, I printed out shamrocks for each of us and then we took turns spinning the wheel. The object of the game is to get 10 pieces of candy on your shamrock. First to 10 gets to eat the candy! If the spinner lands on “lucky” you get to eat whatever is already on your shamrock. It’s such a simple concept but it takes quite a long while to win so we got to spend some good quality time together adding and subtracting numbers.

Lucky Shamrock Printable Game

printable wheel & arrow [5]
old manila folder or thin cardboard
1 brad
printable shamrocks [6]
hole punch
glue stick
small candy

Using your color printer, print out wheel and shamrocks. Cut out wheel and arrow. Trace wheel and arrow onto manila folder or thin cardboard. Cut out wheel and arrow shapes. Use glue stick to affix paper wheel to cardboard cut out and paper arrow to cardboard cut out. Poke a hole in center of wheel and at the end of the arrow and stick brad through both holes to attach the arrow to the front of the wheel. Test to see if it spins. If the arrow does not spin smoothly, disassemble and make a bigger hole in the arrow and re-affix. If the hole is not big enough, it will not spin smoothly. Cut shamrock print outs into two different sheets so that each player has his/her own shamrock. You are now ready to play the game.

Place the candy in the center of the table. Start with the youngest player at the table. The first player who gets 10 candies on his/her shamrock wins. That player can then eat all the candy on his/her shamrock. GET 2 = get 2 piece of candy
GIVE 1 = give 1 piece of candy to another player
GET 4 = get 4 pieces of candy
LOSE 3 = put 3 pieces of candy back in the pot
LOSE ALL = return all your candy to the pot
LUCKY SHAMROCK = eat whatever candy you have already collected (even if you haven’t gotten to 10!) and keep playing

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