Lady Bug Coasters

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Lady Bug Coasters

Welcome to Crafting With My Kid! We’re really excited about our new, crafty mission. This morning was the first of many craft projects we’ll be taking on. It all started when I was trying to convince my kid to make a bug juice smoothie. He thought the idea of a bug juice smoothie sounded disgusting. I tried to convince him otherwise, but then I realized that lady bug coasters would make this silly-named drink much more appealing.

We started by turning a wide-mouthed glass upside down and tracing on a black piece of construction paper. That made up the body of the bug. We traced the same size circle onto red construction paper and cut off the top to form the wings.

My kid drew spots directly onto the wings and used the black marker to define the section between the two wings.

After we affixed antennae and eyes, we used the wide mouthed glass one last time to cut a circle out of cardboard. We used an old cereal box. We glued the bug to the cardboard and let the coaster dry while we made the smoothie.

When the Luv Bug Smoothie was finished we placed it atop our Lady Bug and giggled as we sipped it down. It’s the perfect Valentine’s day – or any time – treat. Now for the instructions…

Lady Bug Coasters

Prep Time: 5 minutes  Hands on Time: 15 minutes

1 sheet black construction paper
1 sheet red construction paper
1 sheet white construction paper
black marker
cardboard or old cereal box
glue stick

Use a wide mouth glass to trace 4 circles out of black paper. Cut circles out with scissors. Repeat with red paper and cardboard. Set black circles and cardboard aside.

Fold the top 1/3 of each of your red circle down and cut off at the fold. Fold it in half lengthwise and cut at the fold. You should now have 4 sets of wings. Use your glue stick to affix two wings to the the bottom half of each of the black circles.

Cut 8 nickle sized circles out of white construction paper and then cut 8 pea sized circles out of black construction paper. Affix the black circles to the inside of the white circles to form eyes. Affix the eyes to your lady bug.

Use the remaining scraps of black paper to make 2 inch long antennae. Affix the antenna to the back of the black circle so that half of it is behind and the other half shows in front.

Use a marker to create spots on the lady bug wings. Finally, use your glue stick to affix the cardboard to the back of the lady bug and let dry.

Makes 4 one-time use Lady Bug Coasters.

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