Swell Supper: Get Well Soon!

by Jan 22nd, 2011 // Swell Suppers

Swell Supper: Get Well Soon!

Hi, it’s Macki, bringing you a feel better Swell Supper. It’s cold season and everyone I know has one, including my entire family. Makes me wish my mom could come down from Oregon and make her famous chicken noodle soup. Now I’m the mom and need to take care of my little ones. What better way to do that than to make some Quick Chicken Soup with Whole Wheat Olive Oil Biscuits. My daughter says no meal is complete without dessert, even with a cold, so we whipped up the ultra easy Banana Nut Salad. Not only will this meal help you feel better, it is so easy to make.

The cure for the common cold.

To start this meal mix the ingredients for the whole wheat olive oil biscuits and prepare them according to the recipe. While the biscuits are baking begin cooking the quick chicken soup. By the time the soup is boiling the biscuits should be done. Remove the biscuits from the oven and place in a cloth lined bread basket.

Meanwhile get the ingredients for the banana nut salad and place in prep bowls for a dessert assembly line after the meal. Leave the bananas pealed and uncut until just before serving. The soup should be ready. Time to serve up this comforting meal. Don’t forget to slather butter on those biscuits! After dinner slice the bananas and top with nuts and cranberries. Instead of honey we used chocolate syrup and it was a big hit. Now doesn’t that sound swell?


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